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What exercises should seniors avoid?

When it comes to senior exercise, work smarter, not harder Exercise can deliver many key benefits for seniors, from healthier hearts and stronger bones, to improved balance and flexibility. [...]

Five senior fall recovery tips and techniques

Senior falls are more common than you think Senior falls happen – and they’re a lot more common than you might realize. In reality, they’re the leading cause of injury among Canada’s older [...]

Government programs and resources for seniors

What other government assistance is there for seniors? A couple blog posts back, we talked about federal government retirement benefits – like the Guaranteed Income Supplement and Old Age Pension [...]

Does Insurance Cover Medical Alert Systems?

If you’re living on your own, having a state-of-the-art medical alert system in place can be a lifesaver. Beyond monitoring for falls and dispatching emergency help to your location, medical [...]

What are medical alert systems and why are they useful?

For seniors looking to stay independent for as long as possible, medical alert systems can give you and your loved ones peace-of-mind – and even save lives. So, what exactly do we mean by [...]

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