If you have an urgent care need, please call us, we can have you up & running in 48 hrs.

Customer Care

Compassionate customer care is at the root of everything we do.

Whether you’re looking for a personal alarm solution for yourself or for someone you love, we believe personal service, trust, experience and peace of mind should be part of every interaction we have with our customers.

We want you to understand that to us you’re not just a number on the screen. You’re important to us, you’re important to everyone that works at Red Dot.

This is our team


Kate Saikaley

Kate is a Red Dot Alerts™ Customer Care Specialist. She’ll help select the right service for you or your loved one, and make sure you’re up and running in no time.


Amy Robichaud

Amy is an emergency response operator. It’s her voice (or one of her colleagues) you or your loved one will hear if you ever have to press the emergency response button. Amy has been an operator/dispatcher for 11 years and she helps people in a time of need whether it be an emergency situation or a not-so-urgent call. She’s committed to working hard every day to make sure that we meet our commitments.


Mike Fleming

Mike is the Red Dot Alerts™ CEO and the buck stops with him. If you have any major concerns, or just can’t get your issue solved, call or email Mike. He wants his team to ensure you have the safest possible service available.

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