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What Is The Best Medical Alert System?

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We all remember the commercial tagline, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The ad is a cultural icon and the tagline is often used comedically. But medical alert systems are no laughing matter. Did you know that every 11 seconds an elderly person is treated for injuries from a fall? Even worse, every 19 minutes an elderly person dies from injuries caused by a fall. 

The benefits of finding the best medical alert system are myriad. Life can be busy. You’re probably always worried about the safety of your aging family members. As much as you worry, you can’t be there to protect them all the time. Investing in a medical alert bracelet or a panic button can ensure they’re protected all the time, even when you’re not together. 

With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to know which system is the best fit. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the medical alert system that offers the most comprehensive protection. 

Ease of Use

Psychology professor Andrew Dibner invented medical alerts in 1972. The idea occurred to him while he was getting ready in the morning, contemplating how his ageing family could reach out if an accident occurred.

“How does someone who can’t call for help call for help?” He wondered. When it’s too difficult to reach the phone or even dial it, medical alerts come to the rescue. Literally.

A medical alarm is a small device that can be worn either as a bracelet or on a lanyard. Pressing one button connects you to a telephone line that can dispatch assistance immediately.  

Staying safe should be easy. When family members age, incapacitation is a real risk. When comparing medical alert systems, it’s important to ensure that calling for help is intuitive and easy. Look for a gadget that can be carried on your person and contacts help in just one button press.

Some of the best systems also have automatic fall detection. When the sensor detects a fall, it automatically contacts the operators. This feature can make the fall alert effortless. If your family member falls unconscious and cannot press the panic button, the device will still emit a fall alert and call for help. 

Fast Responsiveness 

There are many instances in which a medical alert can save lives. Falls are the most common concern for ageing family members, but emergency alerts can be issued for anything from house fires to robberies. It’s heartwrenching to picture any of these situations happening to a family member, but with a quick response, you can have peace of mind that assistance will be there as fast as possible.

A fast response is essential to improving survival rates and reducing hospital stays. The best medical alert system is the one that provides the fastest assistance. This can be the difference between a quick recovery and a total disaster. 

When choosing the best medical alert system, the telephone operators should have 24/7 availability. Accidents can happen anytime. Your medical alert operators should have safety as their primary focus and should be available for contact day and night.

If your loved ones have English as a second language, bilingual operators can help them communicate their needs, and ensure the correct responders are sent. 

Also, the operators should be ULC certified. Canada’s UL certificate guarantees that the operators are trained at assessing risk and comply with all Canada’s safety regulations. 

GPS Tracking

It’s easy to see the benefits of a medical alert system around the house. But what about when your loved one leaves their house? What if they’re involved in a car crash? In these cases, a medical alert bracelet is invaluable. Pushing a button for help is quicker and easier than locating a cell phone and dialling for assistance on a cell phone. 

If the medical alert system you choose has GPS tracking and GEO fencing, emergency responders can locate the site of the accident immediately, cutting down on response time. The fewer delays that emergency responders face, the quicker they can be on the scene and the more likely they are to win the race against time.

For this reason, investing in a combination tracker with a home station and an on-the-go component can give you peace of mind that your loved ones are protected at home and on the road. 

Cost Efficiency

When it comes to family safety, no cost is too high. However, you should feel confident that you’re getting the most out of your medical alert system. Some systems charge exorbitant fees for installation, activation, cancellation, and shipping. This can add up fast.

When researching medical alert systems, always double-check for hidden fees, and ensure you have free cancellation if the system isn’t working for you. 

Red Dot Alert is a great example because our systems are easy to self install, and have no shipping or cancellation fees. Also, you’re guaranteed a lifetime warranty and free activation. Best of all, Red Dot guarantees a full refund if you don’t feel complete peace of mind for your loved ones. No questions asked. 

Choosing the Best Medical Alert System

Peace of mind is invaluable when it comes to family. It can be so stressful to worry about family when they’re out of sight. You can’t always be there for them, and full-time care is expensive and results in a loss of independence.

The best medical alert system enables you to balance your own career and the needs of your family. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, it’s the accident response that makes the difference between a small incident and a catastrophe. When you’re ready to commit to peace of mind, reach out to us and we can discuss your options. 

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