Bruyère et FCi lancent le dispositif individuel d’alerte et de géolocalisation de Red Dot Alerts

Nov 23, 2021 | Communiqués de presse, Nouvelles

Please join us to celebrate the launch of a new private public partnership between Bruyère and FCi to launch Red Dot Alerts (formerly Bruyère Helpline). The partnership will enable Red Dot Alerts to introduce new independent technology while extending its reach through Bruyère’s Helpline Emergency Service.

Red Dot Alerts provides 24/7 emergency connection, protection & notification services to seniors who are housebound, mobile with chronic illnesses and those managing memory care issues.

These products will help seniors stay independent, active and healthy. They will notify caregivers in the case of an event and will track users’ locations in real time along with providing fall detection capability.

When: Mon., Oct. 15 from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. ET

Where: Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, 43 Bruyère St., Ottawa (Cafeteria)

What: Red Dot Alerts & Bruyère Helpline Partnership Launch Event will include:

  • A first look at Red Dot Alerts personal alert device solutions (demos available)
  • Discussion around active aging, caregiving and the families of those in elderly care
  • Interviews and photos with Red Dot, Bruyère and clients/Red Dot users

What’s Unique about the Technology:

  • At-Home emergency response service that works within 300m of the home with monitoring and fall detection capability that uses a landline
  • On-the-Go mobile solution that provides a full featured set for seniors. It works anywhere there is cell coverage. It provides two-way communication to a bilingual monitoring station, fall detection, GPS tracking, automatically notifies family and caregivers and you can create safe zones for those who wander or have dementia.
  • Fully integrated managed service.
  • Red Dot’s Memory Care Solution is a GPS SafeSole shoe insole which utilizes GPS tracking technology to create predetermined zones that will notify a caregiver/family if the location is breached (AKA Geofencing).

Why it Matters:

Red Dot Alerts is meeting the growing needs of older adults and their caregivers via wearable tech enabling aging adults to live actively and independently, while providing caregivers peace of mind.

By deploying Red Dot Alerts’s personal alert solution technology with Bruyère Helpline’s extensive network of clients, Red Dot Alerts will be able to enhance the product through tangible research results, and introduce new, innovative technologies to help the growing aging population and its caregivers. A portion of proceeds from Red Dot Alerts subscription sales will support research and go back into Bruyère.

About Red Dot Alerts:
Red Dot Alerts knows how important it is to keep your loved ones safe. As a continuation of Bruyère Helpline, we offer top of the line personal alert solutions that are easy to use and will give you complete peace of mind. To learn more about the company, visit its website here or follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

About Bruyère:
As one of the largest academic health care centres of its kind in Canada, Bruyère plays a key role in addressing the health care needs of the vulnerable and medically complex in the Champlain region, offering complex continuing care, rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and affordable housing for older adults. We facilitate the transition between acute care settings and the community. We strive for excellence and innovation through patient-centred teaching, education and health services research. Our Bruyère Foundation works tirelessly to raise funds that help change the lives of our region’s aging population. To learn more about Bruyère, please visit Bruyè

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