Red Dot Alerts™ COVID-19 Statement COVID-19

Safety Isn’t Just ‘Another Service’,

It’s Our Only Service.

Help, when you need it. Red Dot Alerts™ keeps you independent, mobile, and safe.

Our Services

Discreet wearable Personal Alert Solutions for the home, or anywhere there is cellular service in Canada. We’ll help keep you or your loved ones independent, mobile, and safe. Whenever, wherever – we’re here for you.


And anywhere in Canada with cellular service.
Complete freedom & 24-hr peace of mind.


Our At-Home, Personal Alert Solution means less stress, more certainty and continued independence for the people you love.


Our fall detection solution automatically connects with our operators as soon as the built-in sensors detect a fall. Our Geo-Fencing, Safe Zone technology will text your loved ones when you have traveled outside the per-designated Safe Zone.

Fall Detection and Safe Zone are included in our On-The-Go plan or you can add them to our At-Home solution.

Next Generation of Emergency Safety Services

Check-In Services

Our friendly, customizable, automated calling system calls individuals on a daily basis to check on their well-being.

Location Logging & Tracking

Our portal will detect and log your location in real time so help can reach you as quickly as possible. Your contacts will also be able to locate you on their computers and mobile devices.

2-Way Communication

Speak directly through your device to an Emergency Bilingual Hotline Operator with a press of a button.

Fall Detection Technology

When the device detects a fall, it automatically sends an alert to our 24/7 Response Centre and to your personal contacts.


Our GPS technology will detect your location in real time so help can reach you as quickly as possible. Your contacts will also be able to locate you on their computers and mobile devices.

Notify Caregiver

You can choose up to four contacts to receive alerts in the event of a personal emergency, either through email or text messages, whichever suits your needs.

Safe Zone Alerts

Wandering can be a constant concern for those living with cognitive issues. Safe Zone alerts notifies your family members if you cross the boundary of the area you’ve designated.

Dispatch Operator

An Emergency service operator is there to assist you any time day or night. These trained bilingual professionals can contact emergency responders and notify your personal contacts.

Why Red Dot Alerts™?

We are proud to be a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, with a 30-year history of caring. Our call centres are located in Canada and all our operators are bilingual. We are not just another item on your monthly bill. This is all we do. We provide compassionate caring services for you or people you care about. Red Dot Alerts™ gives 24-hr peace of mind at home and anywhere in Canada with cell service. We are continuing the Bruyère Helpline in a Public Private Partnership with Bruyère.

Who We Help

We support caregivers, seniors living independently, those living independently with chronic Illnesses, and professional care organizations.

Community Partnerships

Red Dot Alerts
Red Dot Alerts


24-hr peace of mind. At home and anywhere there is cellular service in Canada.


Whenever, wherever – we’re here for you.


Safety, wellbeing & independence for the people you love.

What People Say

Red Dot Alerts™ has changed my life. I feel more confident in the house and especially when I go outside the house.

Germana G.

Dear Red Dot Alerts Client:

The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).


We want to assure all Red Dot Alerts clients that the COVID-19 outbreak will not impact our Emergency Response Call Handling. Our 24-hour monitoring station is fully operational. We are always here to help. It's our top priority to ensure our clients are safe and healthy, especially during this time of crisis.


We continue to monitor the latest COVID-19 updates and are taking actions to safeguard the health of our employees, to preserve our ability to operate. In compliance with recommendations from the Federal and Provincial Governments, many of our normal day-to-day operational tasks will be managed by employees working remotely.


Rest assured, we are here for you and your loved ones.


Stay Home. Stay Safe.


Your Red Dot Alerts Team