If you have an urgent care need, please call us, we can have you up & running in 48 hrs.

Get help, when you need it.

Our service is 24-hrs a day, every day for complete peace of mind.

When you push your Emergency Assistance Button, or if the Fall Detection senses a fall, you are immediately connected with one of our trained Canadian, bilingual emergency operators.

Our operators will know you. They will use two-way, voice communication to speak to you and assess the situation. Depending on the nature of the emergency, Red Dot Alerts™ can contact family, friends, neighbours or emergency services. If you do not respond they will contact emergency services right away. And they will always stay with you until help arrives.

Press your Alert Button &
instantly connect with a 24-hr
Emergency Response Operator.

Speak with an trained, bilingual
Emergency Response Operator.

Receive immediate help. Emergency
contacts and/or your local 911 services
are notified.

Fall Detection
Automatically connects with our
operators as soon as the built-in
sensors detect a fall.

GPS & Safe Zone
GPS & Safe Zone location
services that monitor the
status and location of user.


24-hr peace of mind. At home and anywhere there is cellular service in Canada.


Whenever, wherever – we’re here for you.


Safety, wellbeing & independence for the people you love.

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