If you have an urgent care need, please call us, we can have you up & running in 48 hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers for the most frequent questions about Red Dot Alerts™

There is no installation fee. Installation is simple. It can be done by you or someone in your family.

There are no shipping fees. Shipping is free.

There is no activation fee. Activation is free.

Try Red Dot Alerts™ for 30 days. If you don’t find more peace of mind knowing that we are here around the clock for you and your loved ones, simply return your equipment and receive a full refund. No-fuss. No questions asked.

No. There is no contract. You can cancel at anytime.

Orders will be shipped out within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Orders can take up to 5 business days to arrive, there may be a delay due to COVID.

Red Dot Alerts™, On-The-Go can be used anywhere in Canada that has cellular service. Red Dot Alerts™, At-Home can be used anywhere that has a landline.

No. There are no hidden charges. Your Red Dot Alert™ system is there for you and your loved ones 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Push your help button anytime you are in need. Our bilingual operators are always available to assist you.

The battery in our On-The-Go Mobile Alert system will last up to 36 hrs. We recommend you charge your device every day for 90 minutes.

The system works anywhere in Canada that has cellular service. It uses GPS and cellular signals for location tracking and 2-way voice, communications.

The range of our At-Home wireless call buttons is up to 400 metres from the base unit, which covers most typical homes.

Yes, loud and clear. The Red Dot Alerts™ At-Home and Fall Detection units have a range of 400 metres. If you are concerned, please perform a test in different areas of your home.

Yes. We recommend that you wear your help button in the shower or bath. Our wireless help buttons are water resistant.

If you signal for help and our operator care team cannot hear you or get a clear answer, your call will be treated as an emergency and help will be dispatched right away.

Yes, please test your unit monthly by pressing the emergency response button. Inform the responding emergency response operator that you are testing your unit. If your unit is not functioning, please call 1-888-785-0944 and speak with our customer service team.

You can cancel your Red Dot Alerts™ service at any time with no notice period. Simply call us or send us an email to request cancellation.

No. A cell phone is not required for any of our systems to work.

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