If you have an urgent care need, please call us, we can have you up & running in 48 hrs.

At-Home, Personal Alert Solutions

Peace of mind for you and continued independence for the people you love.

Just push the help button and you are instantly connected 24/7 to a trained, bilingual Canadian operator who knows you and will send help in case of an emergency. Our professional team will quickly identify your needs and take the appropriate action. We will either contact emergency assistance or your personal contact. Either way, we’ll get the help you need to your home–fast and stay with you for reassurance until help arrives.

Our discreet wearable medical alert bracelet or pendant means you are always connected to 2-way voice communication, even if you can’t get to a phone.

Fall Detection

Extend your peace of mind with our fall detection solution. It automatically connects with our operators as soon as the built-in sensors detect a fall. Our At-Home, medical alert systems mean less stress, more certainty and continued independence for the people you love.

At-Home from Red Dot Alert™ Features:

  • 24/7 protection
  • 2-way, live bilingual, voice communication
  • Trained, bilingual Canadian operators
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Up to a 400-metre range
  • Plugs into any landline
  • 36-hour battery back-up
  • ULC-certified operators
  • No Contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • No Installation fee with Self-Installation
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

At-Home Personal Alert Solutions

Wearable as a breakaway pedant or bracelet. 2-way bilingual, voice communication through the main unit. Plugs into any landline or internet connection.


At-Home + Fall Detection

Backup Battery

Our units work during power outages. They are equipped with a back-up battery that will continue to power your medical alert device for up to 36 hours. The battery will automatically recharge itself once power has been restored to your home.


To ensure crystal clear 2-way live, bilingual voice communication during any emergency. Our devices are equipped with high-output speakers and sensitive microphones. You will always be able to communicate loud and clear.

Red Dot Alerts™ Wireless
Help Buttons

Peace of mind anywhere in your home

Your package will include both wearable, pendant and bracelet help button options.

No Recharging needed

Depending on use, our emergency assistance buttons last 3 to 5 years,
without recharging. If an issue is detected or your batteries are runninglow, we call you.

100% Waterproof

Red Dot Alerts™ emergency assistance buttons and 100% waterproof. Our
emergency assistance buttons can be worn either as a pendant or bracelet.

Up to 400 Metres Range

Red Dot Alerts™ help buttons have a range of up to 1000 metres. That covers
the areas of the average home.

Easy to Use & Install

Connect the included phone line to your phone jack.

Plug-in the power adapter and wait for “status ready” message.

Push the help button to test your system. Installation is complete.

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