GPS SmartSole™

Red Dot Alerts is Canada’s only distributor of GPS SmartSole™

Let your loved ones know where you are with customizable, water-resistant shoe insoles embedded with GPS tracking.

Cutting-edge technology at your feet

Red Dot Alerts’s GPS SmartSole™ is a water-resistant, trimmable shoe insole with embedded GPS tracking to make sure you can be found if you lose track of where you are.

Linked to a mobile app, you can live your life as you always do without the fear of getting lost. Your loved ones can find you wherever you go.

Through a cell phone app, caregivers can instantly see the location of the wearer at any time. GPS SmartSole™ features geofencing technology which automatically sends an email or text alert when a loved one leaves a predetermined geographical zone. They are available in infant and adult sizing and can be cut to size to fit any shoe.

GPS SmartSole™ is a perfect solution for people who tend to wander beyond their community.

GPS SmartSole™ helps seniors and those living with a chronic illness stay safe, independent, and active in their communities, giving peace of mind to family, friends and care providers.

GPS SmartSole™ can be life-saving for:

  • Seniors suffering from memory care issues, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Veterans/athletes with a traumatic brain injury
  • Those managing chronic illnesses and who can potentially wander or become lost
  • Young adults and teens with autism/developmental disabilities


    • Embedded GPS tracking in trimmable shoe insoles
    • Works wherever there is cell coverage
    • Smartphone app works with Apple and Android devices
    • Customizable geofencing zone for safer mobility
    • Caregivers get email or text alerts when a loved one leaves a specified zone
    • End-to-end, managed cloud-based monitoring services
    • Water resistant
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Works anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
    • Customizable sizes: 
      Small: Men size 3-9.5; Women size 3 – 7.5
      Medium: Men size 6-11; Women size 8-14
      Large: Men size 11.5 – 14

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    How it works

    Trimmable, discreet insole

    A GPS tracker is embedded in a trimmable, water resistant shoe insole.

    Location data

    Every five minutes, GPS SmartSole™ uses cellular connectivity to update the wearer’s location.


    Location is charted on map on the online account or app.


    If the wearer goes beyond a predetermined zone, an alert is sent to caregivers vial email and text.

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