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Becoming A Tech Savvy Senior

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Want to get tech savvy? Computer lessons for seniors can help

Trying to decide whether to take those senior computer classes? Technology isn’t just a young person’s game – and there’s no avoiding it. So, why not learn how to harness these latest devices with the aim of making your life that much easier?

For one thing, mastering a few basic computer skills can enhance your ability to live independently in your own home. Devices such as computers and smartphones – as well as social networking sites like Facebook – can help you stay connected like never before. They also help you more efficiently accomplish everyday tasks, like banking, scheduling appointments and ordering groceries for home delivery.

Becoming a tech savvy senior is easier than you might think. Basic computer courses for seniors aren’t hard to find and may be offered for free at your local public library, community centre or through a private firm. Computer classes can help familiarize you with the technology and cover basic keyboard skills, how to send emails, search for information on Google or make video calls to your loved ones.

Computer courses for seniors are also a great way to get out, be social and learn with like-minded peers. But if you’d rather receive one-to-one training, there are several organizations that specialize in providing in-home computer training for seniors.

Boost your senior social networking skills

Once you’re more comfortable with your computer, seeking out Facebook tutorials for seniors could be the next logical step. Facebook offers a simple way to keep tabs on loved ones or reconnect with old friends you might not have seen in years. Facebook also allows you to send instant messages and make video calls for free.

Online Facebook tutorials geared towards seniors will guide you through everything you need to know, from setting up your first account and uploading a photo of yourself to seeking out friends and protecting your privacy online.

Staying connected with technology and social media ultimately keeps you safer. Relatives and loved ones can check in regularly with you.

Similarly, the personal monitoring tools Red Dot provides help you stay independent since you can summon help if you have an emergency (like a fall) while you’re out and about. There’s no need to walk alone anymore – your Red Dot is just a button press away.

Technology isn’t going to slow down or go away. That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind, learn a few key skills and let technology help you live a fuller, happier life in today’s digital world.

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