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How to Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet: A Guide for Men and Women

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Medical alert bracelets and other similar products are amazing technology that save many lives. If you have a medical condition or are someone who is at risk for accidents in the home, the use of a medical alert system can offer you independence while also keeping you safe. These bracelets are a literal lifeline to the outside world, and everyone who uses one is glad to have that opportunity and the peace of mind that comes with it.

If you subscribe to and use a medical alert program, check out our tips for wearing a medical alert bracelet for men and women. These tips will make sure you always have access to your device but will keep you from setting it off accidentally. They will also ensure that your medical alert bracelet or other device never gets in the way of you living a full and active life.

General Tips for Wearing a Medical Alert Device

When it comes to wearing a medical alert device, you always want your medical alert device to be accessible to you first and foremost. Otherwise, what’s the point of wearing one?

However, you also don’t want to feel like it’s in the way or cumbersome. Because of this, the best way to wear your medical alert device will depend on you, your personality, your body, and the activities in which you participate. Take the following tips into consideration when deciding how to wear your medical alert device.


If you wear jewelry or a watch, you might be worried about how these things will interact or interfere with your medical alert device. You don’t want these things rubbing up against each other for the longevity and protection of both.

Therefore, you have a few options. Assuming you don’t want to stop wearing your watch or jewelry, you could wear your jewelry or watch on one wrist, and wear your medical alert device on the other.

Alternatively, you could choose a different type of device. Although most users wear their medical alert device on their wrist, belt and pendant models are also quite popular.

Dominant Hand

Another factor to consider is whether you are left-handed or right-handed. People usually wear watches and bracelets on the wrist of their non-dominant hand. The reason for this is two-fold.

First, it’s easier to put something on the non-dominant hand’s wrist with your dominant hand, and to take it off, too.

Second, since you use your non-dominant hand less often, watches, bracelets, and medical alert devices are less likely to get scratched or broken when worn on the non-dominant hand. This can also keep you from unintentionally setting off your medical alert device.


Think also about your daily activities. If you spend a lot of time on the internet or typing, you may prefer a medical alert device that is worn somewhere other than your wrist.

If you participate in sports, that may also influence your decision when it comes to choosing a medical alert device to wear.

However, if you sleep on your stomach or side, a medical alert bracelet will likely be more desirable than a pendant. Take some time to think about the things you do over the course of a day and night and choose accordingly.


Most importantly, your medical alert device should be comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, you’ll be less likely to wear it. At first, a medical alert device may seem strange or awkward, but give it some time and soon you won’t even notice it’s there – but you’ll be glad that you have it when you need it, that’s for sure!

Tips for Wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet for Women

Some women who wear a medical alert device choose the bracelet option, but others find that they prefer a pendant more. Again, this decision really comes down to personal taste combined with wants and needs.

Bracelets are just like wearing a watch and they are similar in size and feel. However, a pendant is also a nice option because the button is always within reach. Many women choose to personalize their medical alert pendant with a fancy chain or lanyard to make it look pretty and to express their personalities.

Tips for Wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet for Men

Men often choose the bracelet option when it comes to selecting a medical alert device. Again, this looks and feels just like a watch and many men have worn watches for much of their lives. Medical bracelets for men are usually not even noticeable. If you don’t like the look of the bracelet, wear it under your sleeve. If you choose a pendant, you can wear it under your shirt and it will still be accessible to you as needed.

Medical Alert Bracelets Are Freedom

Whether you like wearing a medical alert device or not, you know that they are your key to freedom.

Whether you are a senior living alone, or if you have a medical condition, or if you have fallen before, these devices will allow you to contact help if you ever find that you need it. If your medications have side effects, a medical alert bracelet are a gateway to aid if you start to feel unwell.

If you are someone who is beginning to lose your balance or if you simply worry a lot about something bad happening to you, a medical alert device will give you the peace of mind you need to proceed through each day.

Many of us spend time each day during which there is no one around to help us, and a medical alert bracelet or pendant can help you feel like you are never alone.

No matter how you choose to wear your medical alert device, you’ll be glad you have it if the occasion to use it should ever arise. Whether you choose a medical alert bracelet for men or women or instead decide to go with a pendant, you can call for help from anywhere with the touch of a button, and immediately, help will be on the way.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products, please contact us today. We would love to help you feel more secure through the use of a medical alert device today.

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